Friday, November 15, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - November 15, 2013

  • Gene Veith asks, "Why is Calvinism so influential and not Lutheranism?"

  • Anthony Sacramone wonders the same thing, concluding, "Lutheranism is never going to be as 'appealing' as Calvinism. It's going to have to settle for being a church that former/burned-out Reformed repair to."

  • Regarding D. G. Hart's book, Calvinism: A History, Joan Nienhuis writes, "If you want to see how Calvinism spread, the political situations encountered, and the people involved, this is the book for you. If you are interested in a history of the beliefs associated with Calvinism you will have to go elsewhere."

  • Arminians are worried about the growing influence of Calvinism, especially among the youth. What can Arminians do to fight this menace? Roger Olson writes:
    My answer is simple: Rediscover, retrieve, teach and preach a robust, winsome, attractive, biblically-rooted Arminian theology—the one that your church or school has held officially for decades or centuries but has been largely forgotten and certainly neglected.
    He must mean the "robust, winsome, attractive, biblically-rooted Arminian theology" taught by the early apostles, I suppose.

  • John Piper's newest book, Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God's Grace, is now available.

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