Friday, November 29, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - November 29, 2013

  • Stephen Bedard writes, "I must admit that I am shocked at Calvinist attacks on Arminians. I am sure that there are Arminians that attack Calvinists, but I rarely see it." Is he reading the same internet I'm reading? He concludes, "I am not saying the discussions should end, I am saying that they should be taken in the context of love that will show non-Christians that even in our disagreements we love each other." On this we can agree.

  • Roger Olson doesn't think a Calvinist praying for his child to be among the elect is consistent with Calvinist theology of God's sovereignty. I suppose it makes as much sense as an Arminian praying for God to sovereignly intervene and save another person from sin. Wouldn't that be inconsistent with Arminian theology of free will?

  • John Piper answers the question: Does John 15 Defy Calvinism?

  • Peter went to Yahoo! Answers to ask a very important question: "Are there any churches in America that reject Calvinism or Reformed theology? I was just wondering." Yahoo! Answers: the site where you can ask others to do your Googling for you.

  • A review Jeremy Walker's book The New Calvinism Considered.

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