Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Rodeo (Used to Be a Cute Cathedral)

Pastor Lawrence Bishop II of Solid Rock Church has been preaching a series of sermons entitled "Conquering the Beast" -- because, you know, we all need to stand up to the giants in our lives. This past Sunday, Pastor Bishop drove home his point with quite a unique sermon illustration (jump ahead to about the 17-minute mark):

Naturally, I was reminded of this Steve Taylor classic...

(via Breitbart)


Stan said...

You've just given me one more reason to like you. Not too many remember Steve Taylor, let alone in terms of "a classic".

Lee Shelton said...

And he's coming out with a new album.

Scott said...

Stan already said it for me. I love this for the Steve Taylor reference if nothing else. And I can't wait for the new album, even if my wife wouldn't let me support the Kickstarter campaign!

Seriously, what is the church coming to? This is only one of many examples of "illustrations" and attempts at be "relative" getting way out of hand.

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