Friday, January 03, 2014

This Week in Calvinism - January 3, 2014

  • Roger Olson on how Christ's crucifixion fits into God's will:
    So, the men who crucified Jesus, for example, were only "destined" to sin insofar as they planned and carried it out freely and God permitted them to do what they wanted to do. But this was part of God's consequent will, not God's antecedent will. And God did not render their sin certain. He knew what they would do, but he did not effectually manipulate them to do it nor was their sin part of God's "design" except consequentially.
    I find it strange that Arminians always focus on whether or not God actively causes men to sin. Why don't they ever seem to be just as concerned about whether or not God actively restrains men from sinning? Wouldn't that also be a violation of free will?

  • Randal Rauser interviews Roger Olson on Calvinism and Arminianism. SPOILER ALERT: Obligatory "God is a monster" quotes regarding Calvinism.

  • The Seeking Disciple challenges Arminians to read more books by Calvinists in 2014, and likewise challenges Calvinists to read more books by Arminians.

  • Mark Driscoll, Ergun Caner, and the scandal of Evangelical integrity.

  • Jared Moore describes his journey from an anti-Calvinism to the doctrines of grace.

  • James N. Anderson has uploaded a revised version of his paper "Calvinism and the First Sin."

  • Desiring God has released a new ebook entitled Captive to Glory: Celebrating the Vision and Influence of Jonathan Edwards. Download it for free here.

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