Friday, May 09, 2014

This Week in Calvinism - May 9, 2014

  • An Arminian lists five reasons to remain a Calvinist.

  • The Associated Baptist Press reports that Al Mohler believes in the Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement. This is news to the ABP?

  • "This Week in Calvinism" just wouldn't be complete without some comment from Roger Olson. Here, he rails against Mohler's defense of limited atonement:
    I believe that limited atonement is more of a dividing line than Mohler claims. Perhaps in this case he is more generous than I am. I don't reject someone who believes as he does as a heretic, but I would have real trouble preaching the "gospel" alongside them. ...

    ... I believe that belief in limited, "definite," "particular" atonement is a "deep deviation" from historical Christian orthodoxy, a doctrine that makes God monstrous and unworthy of worship, unbiblical, and a serious threat to the gospel and evangelism.
    But at least he still considers Calvinists to be Christians.

  • Does Calvinism thwart evangelism? No.

  • Dr. Eric Hankins closes out his four-part response to Dr. Nathan Finn's essay "On the 'Traditionalist Statement': Some Friendly Observations from a Calvinistic Southern Baptist." According to Dr. Hankins:
    The coherence of Calvinism is the coherence of determinism. ... We are not troubled by the claims of Calvinism because we don't understand them. We are troubled by the claims because we do.
    (Also read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)

  • You can believe Calvinism without wearing it on your sleeve. Clayton Milano writes:
    Calvinism stopped becoming a belief to be taught and instead became a worldview to be embraced. The truth is that I am more of a Calvinist today than I was nine years ago. It is my worldview. It is so biblically self evident that I no longer find a need to argue for it. I am living out of it rather than preaching it.

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