Thursday, February 12, 2015

Church pledges submission to government

This past Sunday, February 8, was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek, Washington. Pastor Dan Kellogg, decked out in a sheriff's uniform, spent some time onstage interviewing Snohomish County Executive John Lovick and Sheriff Ty Trenary.

After acknowledging the many assorted law enforcement officers in attendance, he launched into his "sermon." It was based on Romans 13, of course, which was written "in the midst of a government that wasn't honorable, like our government is." Um...yeah. You can see where this is going.

Toward the end of the service devoted to worship of the state, Pastor Kellogg led the congregation in the following pledge:
I pledge to do my best to follow the law.
I pledge to thank a police officer or deputy for their service.
I pledge to call 911 if I see someone suspicious in my neighborhood.
I pledge to watch the back of our officers as they fulfill their duties.
I pledge to pray for the safety of all members of law enforcement.
Are there no exceptions to this pledge? Are we to simply dismiss the problem of police brutality? Are we supposed to support the enforcement of each and every law, no matter what? I know I could not say this in good conscience, and I think it's shameful for a pastor to call on members of his congregation to make such a pledge before God.

Upon witnessing this spectacle, I was reminded of the so-called "clergy response team" that would be employed by the Department of Homeland Security in the event martial law was ever declared:

Honestly, I can't decide if Pastor Kellogg is just plain ignorant, or if he is actively trying to turn his church into a tool for the state. Watch the entire service and judge for yourself.

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