Friday, February 20, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - February 20, 2015

  • In part 3 of his series "Pacesetters of Anglican Protestantism," Roger Salter writes:
    Calvinism can attract the bully boys and the arrogant who like to associate themselves with the divine supremacy and omnipotence as a license for their bad behavior, but that is the fault of human pride that pollutes everything it touches, even the most hallowed things of God (biblical and sacred history reveals this vile tendency in abundance), but the doctrine of election, grasped within the limits of its Scriptural enunciation, is testimony to the invincible power of divine love and its triumph over resolute rebellion. Let us bless God that he overcomes our suicidal unwillingness.

  • In Roger Olson's opinion, "hyper-Calvinism (of the Hoeksema variety) is consistent Calvinism," which is why he suspects "that a great deal of Calvinist success in evangelism and missions is due to the fact that many Calvinists offer the gospel and salvation in a manner inconsistent with their own theology."

  • Should Arminianism or Calvinism be an issue for unity?

  • Sin: Can't live with it, won't live without it.

  • Philosophy meets Neo-Calvinism.

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