Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Onion pretty much nails total depravity

Billy Mumy stars as the depraved Anthony
Fremont in "It's a Good Life," one of the
best episodes of The Twilight Zone.
The Onion is at its most brilliant when it treads that fine line between satire and reality. This article on children being "unrepentant sociopaths" is one such example. Here's an excerpt:
According to renowned child psychologist Dr. Pritha Singh, author of Born Without Souls, diagnosing preadolecents as sociopaths is primarily a theoretical interest, as the disorder is considered untreatable.

“We’ve tried behavior modification therapies, but children actually learn from our techniques and become even more adept at manipulating others while concealing their shameless misanthropy,” Singh said. “Sadly, experience has taught us there is little hope for rehabilitation.”

“Just look at the way most adults act,” Singh added.
Of course, all unregenerate human beings are unrepentant sociopaths, which makes the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives all the more amazing.

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