Friday, December 04, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - December 4, 2015

  • A member of a Pentacostal theology group on Facebook asks:
    One problem with both arminianism and Calvinism is that one believes a loving God created man knowing most would burn in the lake of fire and the other believes he chooses people to burn eternally on the lake of fire. BUT what if the torment wasn't eternal? What if the JWs are right on that? What if it is the destruction of the being?
    Or what if the Calvinists are right about compatibilism?

  • Devin Logan of Newsmax lists three ways in which Calvinism has influenced American capitalism: 1) success as an indicator of character, 2) capitalist work ethic, and 3) mass incarceration. I'm surprised he didn't mention burning heretics at the stake.

  • Plunge your mind into the ocean of God's sovereignty.

  • Four steps toward joy in repentance.

  • Quiet time doesn't earn God's grace.

  • In a follow-up comment to his article about confronting the lunatic fringe of evangelicalism, Roger Olson clarifies that he does not "consider Calvinists our evangelical lunatic fringe." Whew! What a relief!

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