Friday, November 27, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - November 27, 2015

  • Joel Tay thinks we should ease up on cage-stage Calvinists: "The zeal of those who are passionate about the gospel and the sovereignty of God is something to be commended and even encouraged." I have no doubt that some may be truly zealous for the gospel, but what may seem like zeal in many new Calvinists is little more than intellectual bravado. The trick is in knowing the difference.

  • Austin Wartner preaches against Calvinism from John 3:16. Yeah, nothing new here. Same straw man arguments and confusion about what Calvinism actually teaches.

  • Richard Bushey explains how Job answers the central objection to Calvinism.

  • In the latest audio edition of The Berean Call newsletter, T. A. McMahon discusses the enigma of Calvinism in light of the fact that Augustine was a Catholic: "I cannot comprehend how any Bible-believing Christian can possible accept Calvin's view of predestination and God's sovereignty, which he took primarily from the writings of Saint Augustine."

  • Jack Cottrell attempts to refute the Calvinistic interpretation of John 6:65, saying that there is a difference between how Jesus called the 12 disciples and how he calls men to salvation. And, because "we know that Judas defied and frustrated this desire (will) of Jesus," the Calvinistic interpretation can't possibly be correct.

  • Gearing up for Christmas? Here are some new titles from Desiring God.

  • This week's Free Stuff Fridays over at is sponsored by CBD Reformed.

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