Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Following up on Jabez's Prayer

This just in from Tominthebox News Network:
    Millions of Christians across America are eagerly awaiting the next expected best-seller by Christian Author Bruce Wilkinson. Wilkinson, most well known for his Prayer of Jabez that hit the Christian book world by storm, has undertaken to write yet another "small" book that seeks to draw meaning and purpose out of what many consider to be an "obscure" portion of Scripture.

    "I was meditating by my window one morning" stated Wilkinson during and interview, "and I was looking out of my kitchen window at two birds playing in a birdbath. I looked down at my Bible and this verse just jumped out at me, 1 Chronicles 26:18. In the King James it reads, 'At Parbar westward, four at the causeway, and two at Parbar.' I stopped and just closed my eyes for a moment. I felt like I was being told something here, something profound. I was having an epiphany of sorts. It was as if someone said to me 'Bruce, think on this verse.' And so I did, and I've put those thoughts on paper."

    After Wilkinson's "epiphany" he immediately began to devote his time to discovering the "secrets of this obscure verse."
Perhaps this book will instruct us how to properly use the obscure, confusing verses in scripture to interpret the clear, concise ones. You know, the kind of hermeneutic approach that gave us Arminianism and Dispensationalism.


C.L. Dyck said...

Ah, yes.... Everyone's favourite sage, that Wilkinson. (I'm referring to the vegetative one that grows in my garden and seasons roast chicken so well.)

If you align with MacArthur's teachings, then, no, you won't be Kingdom Now. (He remains one of my fave theologians, with some obvious differences of exegesis.) However, while you yourself aren't scary, we could have a long, long ... long ... discussion over whether you are actually proving that Calvinism isn't.

Thanks for stopping by--not too long ago, I was lamenting to God that my nice, sweet little country church has made me dull-edged. Nobody talks about this stuff.

Cat, ever tongue-in-cheek ;~)

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