Friday, August 03, 2007

This Week in Calvinism - August 3, 2007

  • John Calvin was a lost man. Amen? There's no way he could possibly have been a believer. Amen? The teaching of Calvinism is straight out of the pit of hell. Amen? So says Scott, a YouTuber who has posted this "simple refutation of some false doctrines espoused by those infected with this dread theological and spiritual disease" (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3). Normally, you would expect a clear, concise refutation of such a devastating false teaching with scripture. But it's much easier to just rattle off a couple of verses and ignore entire chapters like, say, Romans 9.

  • Rose's reasonings about Calvinism have sparked a lively debate on her blog.

  • Mike "The Expositor" Corley shares some comments he received following his decision to leave the Southern Baptist Convention.

  • His swatter remains unblemished, but the nice thing about the "Calvinist Fly Swatter" is that his aimless flailing provides a nice, cool breeze on a hot day.

  • Tom Ascol, an "un-swatted" Calvinist, gives an update on the Amazing Grace over Florida project.

  • Gordan of "The Reformed Mafia" takes aim at David Cloud's latest article, "Calvin's Camels."

  • Hank Imler wraps up his five-part series on answering objections to Calvinism.

  • You don't need scripture to convince people that Calvinism is a sin. You just need to employ the standard argument that Calvinism reduces men to robots (as opposed to lumps of clay molded by a potter, which is the illustration Paul uses in Romans 9). But equating Calvinism with Pelagianism? That's a new one.

  • John Calvin believed in free will. Actually, all Calvinists do.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Calvinism has nothing to do with fatalism.

  • Nathan White reflects on his recent discussion with a non-Calvinist.

  • Just announced: "Calvinism, a frequent topic within the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond, will be the theme of a Nov. 26-28 conference sponsored by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Founders Ministries."

    Anonymous said...

    I always appreciate these. Thanks.

    Anonymous said...

    I don't believe most calvinists are saved, because I was not saved the way a calvinist was saved, but I was saved according to God's giving me the choice to receive grace by fulfilling the necessary condition for His working.

    Lee Shelton said...


    Scripture is quite clear that "no one understands; no one seeks for God" (Romans 3:11). Sinful man lacks the ability to choose God.

    Alexander M. Jordan said...

    Hello Lee:

    I appreciate this blog.

    I just wanted to bring to your attention a series I have been working on over at my blog Jordan's View discussing Arminian vs Reformed theology, in which I argue for the Calvinistic position. Although I have been on a short break from writing the series, I have thus far been writing posts comparing and contrasting the Arminian vs Reformed views for each letter in "TULIP". I have tried to be both thorough and biblical in presenting my arguments, and also have spent a good deal of time responding to objections, both in the comments discussions and in various posts. I hope it will be a useful resource.



    Lee Shelton said...

    Thanks, Alex. I'll check it out.

    Rose~ said...

    Hey Lee,
    I wouldn't have known you noticed my blog but for Technorati. Too bad you didn't join the "lively discussion". Thanks for the link. :~)

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