Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hijacked by Cultists

It all started with an unrelated comment left on this thread. Here it is:
    The following paper will be of interest and pertinence to you for possibly several reasons among many. It has been our great honor to discern and identify the error and spirit of John Calvin, whose rule is yet propagated in the hearts of men with evil consequences for all. The Lord Jesus Christ has visited us with the Light of His countenance to put an end to this evil, justifying His servants whom Calvin murdered, and His Name in the sight of all.

    The Fruit of Cain Multiplied: The Murderer John Calvin

    Show me whom you follow, and I will know what manner of person you are or will become. If you do not know whom you are following, don't you think it is time to find out how and where you are being led? Do you think you will altogether escape the consequences because ignorant? Think again. You already suffer them.

    John Calvin was one of the most vicious of wolves ever to pose as a lamb of God. His supremely self-righteous spirit lives on in those who lionize and follow him, even unbeknownst to themselves. Truly, "that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God."

    Paul Cohen & Victor Hafichuk
The comments that followed were...well...interesting, to say the least.

I checked out their web site after reading the first comment and realized immediately that we were dealing with a cult, followers of a self-proclaimed prophet by the name of Victor Hafichuk. Paul Cohen must to be the cult's keynote apologist as he is the one who seems to have the time to troll the blogosphere looking for some poor sap to take the bait. (Yeah, I bit.)

While I refuse to argue by taking on their worldview (Proverbs 26:4), I am compelled to point out just how ridiculous their position is (Proverbs 26:5). For example, Paul's incessant ranting demonstrates his utter foolishness. According to his own site, he believes that all men will be saved. If that's true, then what exactly is the point of their "ministry"? Why bother calling people out as false teachers? I mean, who cares? If all men are saved anyway, what's the point?

Once again, I must ask: From what are we saved? They don't believe in eternal damnation, so what was the point of Christ's sacrifice? If they teach that people will eventually end up in heaven anyway, then why not let them live like hell? After all, there is no ultimate reckoning for sin, right? Can't they see how foolish that sounds?

I only pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes. I pray that they will be convicted of their error and that one day I can welcome them into God's kingdom as a brothers and sisters in Christ.


Josh Gelatt said...


I'm sure I encouraged Paul's ranting by "answering the fool according to his folly". This was a case where I should have followed Proverbs 24:4 and not Proverbs 24:5. :o)

I promise, I won't respond to any of his poisoned bait anymore. LOL

Lee Shelton IV said...

Ha! At least they now have a thread devoted to them. :)

Arthur Sido said...

My apology as well, I'm a former cultist and I should know better.

Lee Shelton IV said...

No apologies necessary. I call what they did hijacking because their comments had absolutely nothing to do with that particular post.

I also thought it would be good to start a new thread for the benefit and input of those who subscribe to this blog's feed. If Paul and his cohorts want to post here on this thread, that's fine -- for now at least. I will delete any further comments they post on the other thread.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read the sad, pathetic testimonies of the people in this cult? These are not mentally healthy people. Shades of David Koresh's or Jim Jones' here.

God help them.

Bill T.
St. Louis, MO

Gordan Runyan said...

You've gotta admit it ain't normal cult behavior, though, when you go out and practically beg people to come and expose your error...which is why it probably won't be very long-lived!

f murphy said...

Thanks for posting this. They have tried to highjack my own blog this week too. In fact the initial post from Sara Schmidt is exactly the same stuff they posted on my site. I have now stopped relpying to them, as it seems obvious these people have been brainwashed and are unwilling to listen to reason.

4given said...

I bit also... ugh.

Here is a direct quote from Paul Cohen on my blog directed at the fact that I have multiple sclerosis: "...The Lord promises that no good thing would He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Obviously with MS we can hardly say you walk uprightly.

When we tell you about a better way in the Lord Jesus Christ, you cry foul and insist the will of God for health regarding those that call on His Name is wrong and evil. It is no wonder you are sick. What wicked liars you all are."

Just hit delete and pray for them if they contact you.

Ex Animo,
Lisa Nunley

Anonymous said...

Maybe Victor and his followers are physically healthy for now but they obviously have mental problems. Whatever they say, their words are totally powerless to vex the minds of people who have true faith in God. It's so sad that they are the only ones who do not realize that fact and they keep on worsening their own sins. Let us pray for them.

Deborah said...

This is for Paul, Victor and Co. and for anyone who thinks they are men of ‘God’.


I know Paul/Victor will be reading this site, so to them: - don’t bother emailing me, your emails are set for instant deletion. As for the demonic spirits attached to either of you - I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Anonymous said...


When do we get to the part about burning witches????

Beryl said...

I simply CANNOT BELIEVE how "grown-ups" argue like this! It's disgraceful. And ....... I guess it takes one "cult" to recognize another? You're ALL ill!!

Paul LaFaver said...

All I can say is "Amen and Amen". I was researching the Messianic Jewish movement when I stumbled upon ThePathOfTruth.com. More like ThePathOfWeirdTheology.com These guys lump Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Pink, Hanegraaff, Alistair Begg, Charles Stanley and John MacArthur with a Rouge's Gallery of some of the worse heretics to ever live. Even more bizarre are the reasons they give for listing the aforementioned theologians!

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