Friday, March 21, 2008

This Week in Calvinism - March 21, 2008

  • Breaking news at TBNN: A resurrected John Calvin claims to be only a 3.5-point Calvinist!

  • Jerry Boyce is on a mission to "expose the error of Calvinism." As he sees it, "Calvinism/Reformed Theology is probably the number one issue facing Bible-believing Christians."

  • T. J. is cooking up some liver and onions liar's opinions.

  • USAToday asks, "How can Christians celebrate Jesus' atonement for their sins and the promise of eternal life in his resurrection if they don't recognize themselves as sinners?" Well...they can't.

  • "Calling all haters of Calvinism..."

  • Want to bring down Calvinist blogs? Gordan Runyan shows you how.

  • This pastor tries, quite feebly, to disprove Calvinism. What he ends up doing is make God out to be one who has no power or control over his own creation. This is the same pastor who preached that America is in trouble because our men sit down to pee, but real men are those who "pisseth against the wall." No. I'm not kidding. I suspect that words like "exegesis" and "hermeneutic" aren't in his vocabulary.

  • The altar call: Do some churches look at it as a new sacrament?

  • Pastor John Piper writes, "The love of Christ for us in his dying was as conscious as his suffering was intentional. ... It is one thing to say that the details of Jesus’ death were predicted in the Old Testament. But it is much more to say that Jesus himself was making his choices precisely to see to it that the Scriptures would be fulfilled."

    lee n. field said...

    "This is the same pastor who preached that America is in trouble because our men sit down to pee,"

    He speaketh for himself on that...

    John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

    Calvinist site; pls visit, comment;

    JL, Editor


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    Kevin Williams said...

    Ouch. The Pastor who tries "quite feebly, to disprove Calvinism" is rather painful to watch. A rapid fire of misrepresentations and straw men.

    Anonymous said...

    He's probably preaching to four people.

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