Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does God Prefer One Style of Music over Another?

Scott Hill of Fide-O expounds on my previous thought:
    I have reasons that I choose the styles I have in our particular services, but I am not saying that what we do is more biblical or more God pleasing than anyone else's style of music. Some find a butterfly more beautiful than a cockroach. God created both! Music is part of God’s creation and he set the rules and he is the only one that can truly judge its beauty. Because in reality he is the only one that knows a man's heart.
Check out his entire post and let us know what you think.


Stephen Cochrane said...

How can you agree with that guy? The Bible never tells us which style like God likes the most when it comes to worship music. Fortunately, though, God has given us principles on how we should worship him. This is what I can't stand about the "Heart of Worship." I hope no one misunderstands what I am about to say here but I'm gonna say it anyway. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That is, even people who mean well can still be wrong. And not everything about worship is in the heart. There are definitely some physical attributes that matter to God as well. For instance, I think most Christians would agree a woman should not be leading worship if she is immodestly dressed, no matter how pure her motives are. Indeed, her heart could very well be in the right place because she might not even know it's wrong to dress like that as a Christian, especially since she sees other Christians dressing immodestly. And though this specific post isn't about immodest dress in the church, it does go to show that there are some physical things, not just heart things, that matter in worship as well. In fact, I believe if your heart is truly in the right place then you will care enough about God to obey his commands. God laid out principles all over the Old Testament how his chosen ones were to worship Him. The Jews were all the time being chastised by God for mixing pagan practices with their worship toward God. Why would we, as Christians, think God no longer cares about how we have mixed rock music (as pagan, in its nature, as anything I can think of) with our worship toward Him. On this matter, did Jesus ever say, “this is what Moses said, but I say to you…?" I think not!

Stephen Cochrane said...

Sorry. I didn't realize this was your blog and that you have already commented on that statement. Lee, as a Calvinist, you should be appalled that this guy you are quoting from is making ignorant and untrue statements about Calvin.

Unknown said...

I think its the content that matters.

At our site we use scripture to critically review "Christian" music lyrics.

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