Friday, August 01, 2008

This Week in Calvinism - August 1, 2008

  • Banner Kidd claims that Calvinism has its roots in Augustinian heresy, and he links to a Christianity Today article that gives a very brief overview of Calvinism as proof. Huh?

  • "Reformed" vs. Reformed.

  • Here's another who believes that Arminians are the ones who truly understand God's sovereignty. You see, while God doesn't ordain things to happen, such as irresistibly drawing someone to faith, he can and does "move and manipulate so that someone can have the chance to hear the gospel." So, why then doesn't God move and manipulate so that everyone has the chance to hear the gospel and then exercise their free will and make a clear, informed choice about whether or not they believe?

  • Keith Schooley would like to see you become an Arminian, but he lists some reasons why it might be better for you to remain a Calvinist.

  • It's amazing to me that a web site called "Evangelical Outreach" would spout such heretical lies in denying the eternal security of the believer. Why would anyone rather see people condemned to lives of fear and trembling rather than pursue godly lives in a spirit of joy and assurance? The only thing I can think of is that this allows for a certain amount of control over others.

  • Jonathon is looking into Calvinism and would like your suggestions on books and other resources. I would suggest starting with "What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism," from the staff at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

    Anonymous said...

    This may sound bizarre, but as for Evangelical Outreach denying eternal security, I have an easier time accepting that than Arminians who believe in eternal security. Believing in the ability to lose one's salvation is typically a logical extension from a consistent Arminian theology - therefore, I can at least respect the fact that they're consistent in their error. That being said, after looking at their website more closely, the author clearly lives in a different version of reality, beleving that he has beat a number of proponents of eternal security in debates.

    Patrick Durkee said...

    If you want a good laugh at some absolutely terrible theology and poor biblical "scholarship" I reccommend listening to the debate the author of the Evangelical Outreach website had with Mark Driscoll over eternal security.


    Lee Shelton said...

    I'll check it out. Thanks. I actually went back and listened to Dan Corner's 12/06 interview with Gene Cook on the Narrow Mind. The guy is really out there.

    Arthur Sido said...

    If you are referring to Christianity Today as your source for a matter of doctrine, you are already in bad shape.

    lee n. field said...

    Ah, Dan Corner. I heard him debate Gene Cook, on Gene's podcast a while back.

    The best, most charitable thing you can say is that he is obsessed with denying and refuting the P in TULIP.

    Susan said...

    I'm commenting on books that Jonathan can read in his study of Calvinism. The two I've read that are easy to read and understand are The Potter's Freedom by James White, and Sinners in the Hands of a Good God by David Clotfelter. Very excellent books. I'm new to the Calvinist teaching and these were so easy to understand and follow.

    The Seeking Disciple said...

    Thanks for the plug in a weird sort of way! :)

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