Friday, August 08, 2008

This Week in Calvinism - August 8, 2008

  • That's Calvinism.

  • We Calvinists would like to see all people come to salvation, but we also know that God only elects some. Does that mean our desires are at odds with our theology? "The issue is not that your desires betray you," writes one open theist, "but that your theology has created a false image of the Godhead!" Well, since God knows who's elect and we don't, Calvinists present the gospel to everyone; the rest is up to the Holy Spirit. How does that create a false image of the Godhead?

  • Yet another "refutation" of Calvinism without the use of scripture. I too would reject Calvinism if the stereotypes were true.

  • The emergent church, the purpose driven paradigm, charismania, egalitarianism... The SBC has other problems to deal with besides Calvinism.

  • "Calvinism's a false doctrine," rants Pastor Steven L. Anderson of the ironically named Faithful Word Baptist Church (mp3). "And if you believe that God chooses who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell, you're a Calvinist -- and you're a heretic. And, so, the churches that go into this -- they're non-soul winning churches -- they get mixed up in this." Hmmmm. Steven Anderson. Hey, that's the same pastor who bragged from the pulpit about his ability to pee standing up, isn't it? Yep.

    Jenna said...

    i don't have time to read another blog, but i'll try to come here now and then. loved your comment on purgatorio!!! tell the wife i said "hi!"

    Anonymous said...

    I'm loving this blog. Thanks for putting me in this week in calvinism! I feel privileged! I only have a minor contention with your blog, very minor. Why is Calvin looking so angry?

    And where is Hobbes? And are you saying by omitting Hobbes he's not calvinistic in is theology/soteriology? I'm perplexed.

    Otherwise there's great stuff on this blog! I love that name BTW.

    Lee Shelton said...

    Thanks, Donald. Actually, I never really thought about Calvin looking angry. It's like he's trying to be tough, but in reality he's just loveable little kid -- like me! :) But I have been thinking of changing it.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, that explains it to me, about Calvin. Not that I was being serious mind you. Just in case, I'm the guy that posted on the SBC/Calvinism issue on my blog.

    I didn't want anyone to confuse me with the other guys.


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