Friday, May 22, 2009

Psalm 98:4 (?????)

(Just in case you couldn't tell, the song is "How Great Thou Art.")


P.D. Nelson said...

Oh goody H.R Giger's come to faith I'm so happy now we can have surrealistic hymns too! Wait, wait I think we already had that its called Hillsong.

Give me the Trinity hymnal or the psalter any day.

Anonymous said...

this leaves me speechless in a different way than the other version of this song....

Unknown said...

I find this post somewhat interesting. Not too long ago, you posted a video clip from some Christian 'rappers'. Now, to my mind, that rap nonsense is just as grating on the ears as this death metal 'music' is.

But, of course, nothing but high praise from the commenters about the rap 'music', but only implied condemnation from the commenters about this tune.

I find that curious.

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