Thursday, February 07, 2013

Talk During a Sermon, Get Publicly Humiliated

Imagine you're a pastor. A member of the congregation is talking during your sermon. What's the best way to prevent that person from becoming too much of a distraction for those around him? Call attention to the talker and ensure that he becomes a distraction for everyone.

If a preacher is that easily distracted, one has to wonder if what he has to say is really all that important.

(via 22 Words)


hymns that preach said...

What is it about preaching ministries that attracts so many psychopaths?

JohnBrianMck said...

still love you, amen!

THEOparadox said...

Two words come to mind:

"Uptight" and "Sanctimonious"

Shortened: Uptimonious

It is sad that this stuff gets mistaken for some form of godliness.

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