Friday, February 22, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - February 22, 2013

  • Vox Day addresses what he sees as the intellectual costs of Calvinism: "It is really rather remarkable how many historical and intellectual crimes can be quite reasonably be (sic) traced back to Calvinist thought and be considered the natural consequences of Calvinism."

  • Three debates between James White and Michael Brown on divine sovereignty, predestination, and free will.

  • Michael Brown reflects on his debate with White.

  • James White responds to Brown's reflection.

  • T. E. Hanna explains why he believes Calvinism is ethically incoherent.

1 comment:

Robert Warren said...

Kudos to Michael Brown for being one of the very few Arminians (or non-Calvinists) who will formally debate Dr. White. Both men repeatedly display irenic brotherhood in their encounters, even though they have important disagreements.

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