Monday, January 12, 2009

Benny Hinn, Lord of the Sith

Sometimes you just have to laugh in order to keep from crying about crap like this:


John8v36 said...

Having been called out of the Word of Faith/Hyper-charismatic movement and seeing much error and learning NOT to be bitter, recentful and angry about all those years involved (b/c they weren't all bad, God did move and He did teach me somethings...and got me to Reformed Theology in the process, but even more than that a real, repentant and revived relationship with Jesus!). It's about Jesus, that's all it should be about! Pray that Benny's eyes would be opened, it's not too late!

P.D. Nelson said...

While that is a nice bit of photoshopping it would have been funnier if the kid had jumped around like Yoda fighting Count Dooku with a light saber.

but it is funny none the less.

Unknown said...

That's really funny. Seriously.

Rev. said...


Former WoF/Charismatic,

Anonymous said...


He's got the power. Why does he remind me of Steve Martin in "Leap Of Faith?"

Some old B.H.

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