Friday, January 30, 2009

This Week in Calvinism - January 30, 2009

  • Herman Amelink quotes religion historian Mirjam van Veen, who believes the Dutch are Calvinist by coincidence.

  • Molly Worthen's New York Times article on Mark Driscoll elicited some interesting letters to the editor.

  • Chris de Vidal explains the difference between "perseverance of the saints" and "eternal security."

  • Jeff Peterson reminds us that faith is a gift.

  • John Piper's new book, Finally Alive, is due for release next week. He explains why he wrote it.


SlowBro said...

Hey thanks for the link! So many people confuse OSAS with Calvinism that it drives me bonkers. Similarly, many confuse Semi-Pelageanism with Arminianism, but as he discussed on our recent radio show Arminius and Wesley and Olson and others would fully agree on the doctrine of Total Depravity. They're just messed up on the rest ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great. Another academician (Ms. van Veen in the Amelink essay)who doesn't believe in the active, ongoing governing providence of God.

To call upon Sproul, "coincidence" or "chance" doesn't influence anything, because it is nothing, has no being, power, etc. To go to the next step, if "coincidence" or "chance" is all that influences events, then events have no inherent meaning. What a way to go.

Lee Shelton said...

Jeff, your comment caused me to notice that I failed to mention van Veen's name. She's the one who believes it was coincidence. I corrected the wording. Thanks! And I agree with you and Sproul.

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