Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Be Afraid to Offend

I have often said that if a preacher isn't offending someone, he probably isn't preaching the truth. Now, I realize that isn't a foolproof litmus test. We should always examine a message in light of scripture. But far too many men seem more concerned with making people feel comfortable than they are with preaching God's word.

Then, of course, there are men like...

(I don't really get the History Channel tie-in, but I thought it was a powerful video.)


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Thanks for posting this.

Great video.

"Don't Be Afraid to Offend"

There is a version of secular "Political Correctness" in Western Christianity called "Christian Correctness" and it is a sin to these "Christians" for another Christian to offend another. Ergo, Pastor Paul Washer is sinning by preaching the Gospel!

Eg., liberal mainline, Emerg***, and some tepid evangelicals would call Paul Washer a Bible-thumping, hell-fire and brimstone, fear-mongering, angst-ridden and angst-producing literalist fundamentalist who is doing damage to God's people and God's Word by his shame-based and guilt-based messages.

Kevin Williams said...

The History Channel tie in is thus:
The brother who made it was given an exam assignment to make a short video about a person, as if it was promo for the History Channel.

Jenna said...

"i don't know why your clapping..."

that's kind of haunting. glad i watched.

i might make your comment my latest blog post, btw, lee. if i get back to my blog today, that is.

Anthony said...

> that's kind of haunting.

I agree. Even reading it just now in my feed reader made me feel guilty.

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